Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lavender at the Pool House

This was a lavender field that we had access to when we stayed in a hotel in the town of Loumarin in Provence on our first trip to France. I will have to look up the hotel name, but they had to die for dinners and an amazing cheese cart. The pool was not on site since the hotel was in the town center, so we had to go to this little country house for pool and spa treatments. Just on the other side of those green bushes was the resort style pool. This was the lavender field and off to the left was their vegetable garden in which they grew for their meals. The lavender from this field was used to make lavender honey, lavender cookies and other yummy lavender desserts like creme brulee! We tested it all, and it all was delicous!
11x14 watercolor by Liana Yarckin


  1. bonjour liana :-)

    Just popping by to wish you happy painting & lots of fun with your blog. hope you get to met lot of interesting people & have good feedback.

    particularly like your cape cod painting

    thanks for your following, feel free to comment & ask questions.

    kind regards
    adam cope

  2. hey liana its me liana this is realley great panting hope u sellit cause if they do theyed be relly lucky bye


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