Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Painting Watercolor Portraits & Upcoming Art Show


Happy Early Spring!
All is well!  Painting away! I have been in a good routine of painting every morning, Monday-Friday.  I love it.  This morning routine is quite helpful to me.  After I paint, I feel so happy and am ready to take care of other business like my website sales, restocking scarves at local boutiques and meeting with clients.  My house, however, is getting pretty cluttered.  Another day for that.  Above are two portrait commissions.  An art collector saw my website and said she fell in love with my style and since she did not own any watercolors, she hired me!  

I was going to go on to challenge myself to paint a face everyday, but, other commissions and work came in.  Above is a painting from a photo someone sent in for my self challenge. I would love to continue this self-challenge.

Watercolor home portrait by Liana Yarckin

One of the commissions that I completed in January is the home portrait.


What I have been working very hard on is a collection for Cerulean Gallery's grand re-opening in Dallas. Cerulean has always represented me, but, now they will be back in Dallas conveniently located in Snider Plaza!!!!  I will have new pieces that I have not been posting.  It is a growing series.  Some little sneak peaks have been posted in my Instagram stories.  I am excited to hear the feedback from you!  I have not had a local art show in a while.  If you have been before, you know how fun they are.  A big social, see your peeps, have a glass of wine and check out the new art. So please come see me and the other 5 female artists at 

Cerulean Gallery
6609 Hillcrest Avenue
Friday, March 6
6-9 pm

I would love to hear from you!  Come say hi to me on my facebook or instagram.  Your feedback is important to me.  It's what completes my art journey.  I truly want to hear what you like about what I am posting or what you do not like.  Your feedback counterbalances my alone time in the studio. So please, talk to me, baby! ;)

Liana Yarckin Artist on facebook
LianaYarckinArtist on instagram


Thank you for being part of my life!