Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Liana Yarckin Honored with First Place

Liana Yarckin - Texas Visual Arts Association

So honored and proud to be recognized for my painting, "Curiosity,"  in the Texas Visual Arts Association.  I worked hard on this painting specifically to have a good chance of competing and getting into a show.  I have to tell you, the first show I entered this painting in, it did not get in.  Of course, I was disappointed as I had really focused on my design, composition, mood, everything judges say that they are looking for when judging a competition.  But, I believed in the painting.  I really like the idea of the innocence and curiosity of the cat noticing it's shadow. I used my artistic license here - the cat was really playing with a pen on the floor, I left the pen out because I wanted the idea of someone noticing themselves and finding their self interesting.  I love the perspective, it is dramatic.  For those of you familiar with my work, you can see that I stepped out of my comfort zone and used a color palette that is much darker than my usual and favorite lights and brights.  I worked very hard to add texture and movement in the dark background using paint colors that granulate and also a giant brush to aid me in dropping in color to add variety to the dark background instead of one giant flat color.  You can see in the shadow that I used gradation to add interest. Starting with a green glow close to where I want the focal point to be and then going into a darker less intense color.  There is a variety of line, both soft and hard edges.  I put a glow of sunlight on the subject's back and head, the only place that color shows up to emphasize the focal point.  Thank you judges of the TVAA competition for recognizing my effort!  

The point is, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.  We have all heard our teachers and mentors say it is just that judge's opinion if your painting does not get in.  If you believe in your piece, don't give up on it.  Your passion and hard work will be seen by someone!

The show is hanging at the TVAA gallery at the Plazas of the Americas in downtown Dallas. If you are an artist, check out the TVAA, they are doing great things to help artists get seen!