Sunday, November 22, 2009

English Tea

Guitar Player
English Tea
The above painting is a still life I did in a class. Up until this point I have never liked doing still lifes. I didn't want a still life to look at. They are so boring or odd. A bunch of random objects, usually from the kitchen. What is the point. But, from this still life I learned that the finish product is not really the point. By doing a still life, one gets to experiment with the medium of their choice. An artist can chose to try to be realistic or take the painting down a different path with different techniques. Also, not to mention, still lifes can greatly improve one's drawing skills. Still lifes are a good way to practice and experiment with simplifying shapes, learning about color, finding patterns, understanding positive/negative space, the way the light falls on an object, relationship between objects and the list goes on. I don't know why I like this still life. It does not sing to me, but, something about it keeps pulling me back to look at it. It is clearly not my typical color palette, maybe that is why there is no song. Something about it is working though and I am happy about that.
Guitar Player
I told you about the guitar player I was working on. This is as far as I have gotten. I started it long ago, but, am chicken to continue. I don't want to mess it up. When I am working on a painting, I am always visualizing it in my mind constantly. Whether I am driving, cleaning the kitchen, watching T.V., I sort of daydream and imagine the finish piece and then when I go to paint, I know what to do. Most of the time it is so easy for me to see the finish product. On this painting I cannot see what I want for the final product to be. I can kind of imagine it, but, it is cloudy. It is so weird, like having a dream that you can barely remember. So I keep thinking of it and waiting for the image to appear in my mind. I am so happy with what I have so far, can you believe that with the way it looks? I want to keep the sketchiness and just the essence of the gestures.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girl on Beach

Here is the watercolor from the ink study posted down below. The photo was taken in Nice. The girl is a young Italian girl watching her brother play. I simplified the photo, taking out all of the people, beach umbrellas, the city in the hills and focused only on the girl and her dress. I loved the way her dress was blowing in the wind and how it seemed that she had absolutely nothing to do but, take small wandering steps and twiddle her thumbs.

I have good news in regards to the two art shows I posted. Both were a success. The Grape Escape raises money for Heart House, an organization that provides after school care and activities for children. Art works by several artists were displayed and for sale with 50% or the proceeds going to Heart House. The most touching detail of the event was all of the "postcards" made by the children. Each postcard was decorated by a child with a message from them and their photo. To read the messages was both sweet and heartbreaking. Of course, I immediately took out my checkbook. I am so happy that my Aspens painting sold as well and that half of the proceeds will go to Heart House.

Then Friday night was the Annual Preview Party for CityArtCal. Great party with lots of great art by local artists. A guest found Sunbathing Poppies for a Christmas present. It sung to her and she said that when she saw it she immediately thought of her daughter. There were a couple of bidding wars going on with some of the artworks. My husband luckily won the bid on a painting that sung to him. Would you believe, aspens, but in a completely different style than what I paint.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

CityArtCal Party
Friday, November 6
1544 Slocum, Dallas
Great Art by local artists
Cocktails, Hors d'oeuvres, Live Music, Silent Auction