Sunday, March 1, 2015

Painting the Great Hall

 11x14 watercolor by Liana Yarckin

The school fundraiser is over and the painting, "The Great Hall" has gone to the lucky high bidder.  This is a beautiful space and I think it is wonderful for the students to get to dine here daily.  The architecture alone expresses what a special place this is and how sacred it is. 

When it was suggested that I paint this space, I immediately thought of how was I going to capture the feeling of this space and what it represents.  I wanted to paint it full of the students talking with each other, the sunlight coming in through the clear story windows and the grandness of the architecture.  To fill the space with students, I used several reference photos taken on different days.  It wasn't as simple as go one day during lunch and get the photos I needed.  Some of the tables were empty so I had to fill these tables with my imagination.  I made sure to include some Seniors in their "blues", too.  

The ceiling is a beautiful wood with an amazing wood truss system.  I layered in several colors to emphasize the truss system and the varying shades of light and shadows coming from the windows and the trusses.  

I ended up growing fond of this painting because of what it represents.  What a privilege it is to go to a school like this.  To be in an environment where learning and growing into the best person that one can be.  Having the best teachers and resources possible.  The friendships that are made.  Where one's future is ahead of them.  To be a young student again.  I am so pleased that this painting went to someone who I know will cherish it.  

What were your favorite memories from school?  When you were a student?

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