Friday, September 18, 2009

Something to Brighten your rainy week

Red River Poppies
I have been dying to paint these poppies. It has been raining all week which I have actually enjoyed in contrast to our hot weather. I enjoyed painting these poppies so much. I didn't want the fun to be over, but at the same time, I couldn't wait to post it for you, either! This is on a full sheet so I was able to enjoy using many different shades of yellows to reds on the petals. I wanted to keep it light and vivid so I left more white in the background than usual. This painting will be on display at the CityArtCal party. See below post for link.
22x30 original watercolor, $1500

Here are two commissions that I have been working on. One is being given as an anniversary gift and the other as a birthday gift. They are in Highland Park and in Preston Hollow. I enjoyed painting each of them as I love architecture. The top one had such lush tropical landscaping which contrasts with most of the homes I have painted. Also, the top one required that I paint it in perspective instead of a straight on view. For that house, if I stood right in front of the house, the two trees were in front of the door. By stepping to the side I was able to get a better view of the house and in this case, it adds such depth to the painting. For the second home, it was really important to the client to see as much as the house as possible, especially the french doors. For this reason I did not add cast shadows because that could be distracting as the shadows would fall against the french doors.

I am happy to accept any and all commissions, no matter the size or style of the home. As Christmas comes closer, though, please keep in mind that these home portraits normally take about 6 weeks.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Officially Over

Sunset at the Marina
The above painting is from a scene on the French Riviera. We found this little town when driving to dinner one night. I will have to look in my notes for the actual name. I love when driving on a trip you never know what surprise might be around the corner. My husband has learned not to react when I say, "Oh!" all of a sudden. He knows that I am going to ask him to turn the car around to take several photos of what I think would be the perfect painting.
This painting along with some of my other paintings will be on display at The Kitchen Source, 1544 Solcum in the Dallas Design District. This year The Kitchen Source is hosting the Annual CityArtCal Preview Party and have invited the participating artists to display their work there. The Preview Party is on November 6 from 6-9 with copies of the 2010 CityArtCal and a silent auction of art spanning a wide variety in medium and style. Last year's attendees were very pleased and I had someone ask me about it just today, hence the post! For more information, visit
37x29, original watercolor, beautifully framed, $650

This is a value study from a photo of a crowded beach in Nice. I wanted to do the photo as it is, crowded with umbrellas, people, Nice behind it and disappearing around the corner. I had just taken a workshop on oil painting and simplifying shapes. So for this painting I will have the one girl and her dress blowing in the ocean breeze. I will post that painting when it is complete.