Saturday, November 30, 2019

Christmas Gifts & Grateful for Good Health

I am grateful for you, my supporters, my family and my health!!!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, just how you wanted it to be.  This year, instead of going to Boston to see my husband's family, we stayed home per the request of our college freshman.  He said he needed to stay home and "rest." It was just the five of us as my parents are getting old before their time and it is just too much for them to travel.  

My parents' health makes me want to stay active and healthy.  I want to be like fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes, 79, still doing shows and pop ups or my 99 year old watercolor teacher, Naomi Brotherton. She would still be painting if she did not have those clouds floating around in her eyes.  She is a spitfire and I can't tell you so inspiring.  Based on her and all of the other artists I know from the Artisan's Studio Gallery and Southwestern Watercolor Society, painting is good for your health!  Stay active, stay active, stay active!

Texas Fiji House

In true Liana Yarckin form, when I received my son's text on Tuesday night saying that he had officially been accepted as a member to the fraternity he wanted to join, 2 hours before he was to arrive home, I immediately thought what can I make for him to celebrate his joy.  My 6th grader had some good ideas, too.  I did this pen and ink which is now available as a print here.  I will also put another option without '19 on the website in the next few days.  And of course, I am more than happy to draw or paint any other house, too!

Highland Park Tree Lighting

The pecan tree in Highland Park is no longer.  This year will be the first year of the sister tree to be used for the annual neighborhood tradition.  I cannot remember who suggested I paint this tree.  It was indeed a challenge.  To paint a tree at night, yet, glowing with lights.  Especially, when I don't use a lot of darks in my paintings.  It took me out of my comfort zone and now I am glad I did it.  The original hangs in a collector's home, but, prints and greeting cards can be purchased here.  Makes a great gift for your neighbors!

I have two shows left this season.  If you are in the area, please come by and see me!  I would love to see you!!!

December 5 - ABPA Annual Home Tour 

December 14 - Serena & Lily 
4430 Mckinney Ave.

4719 W. Lovers Lane

I have so much to be grateful for!  MaryBeth's, a woman's clothing boutique that has been in Dallas for 26 years loves my work!!!!  She has purchased several of my scarves and paintings and has ordered special paintings just to carry in her shop!  Please make sure to visit her store and mention how excited and blessed I feel to have someone like her to buy and sell my work.  Her shop is light and airy with a beautiful collection of art, gifts and of course, a carefully curated collection of women's clothing.

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