Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach Scenes by Liana Yarckin

Pelican Sunbathing

 Pelican Sunbathing

Photo by Ophelia Kehoe

I started this painting in March and then had some real fun with it this past Tuesday!  The painting is inspired by the photo which was taken by my Aunt.  It is a pelican on a boat in Corpus Christi.

I was kind of uninterested with how my first wash came out.  I knew I needed to get darker behind the pelican.  I liked the reflections in the water, too.  I do not know how it entered my head but, I turned the painting sideways and started dripping various shades of blue paint onto the painting.  I had wax paper over the pelican to protect it from the running paint.  This was so much fun!  I like the way it came out. I truly felt like I was playing.  I like the cropped version.  The beauty of framing, you can have the mat cut to show whatever you want.

Thank you for all of your comments and emails for the last post on the water lily.  I have started a drawing for another painting inspired by a newspaper ad.  It has a boat in a marsh, however, I am adding lilly pads!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Water Lily by Artist Liana Yarckin

Water Lily I

Every time I see water lilies, I stop and take photos for a painting one day.  Well, here is the first watercolor I do from my photos.  This came about from Pat Kochan's class.  We were approaching abstracts  by applying a grid or some other type of pattern to our painting.  I created a random grid and one of my water lily photos.  I did not paint in the water because at the moment, I really like the white of the paper.  The painting is very bright in person compared to how it looks on my computer screen.

Let me hear from you.  Do you have any thoughts on this painting - done or should I paint the water?  What are you painting?

Hope you are staying cool where you are.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liana Yarckin - Cafe Series

Lunch at Angel Tube Stop

It has been busy, busy, busy with the kids out of school for summer.  Fun, but, busy with little time to paint, much less keep up with all of the business side promoting one's art.

Here is number 11 in the Cafe Series.  I am really liking the color mingling going on in the right corner of the picture.  By doing this series, I am getting less afraid of painting crowds of people.  The photo that inspired this painting is from 2001.  I have stacks of photos of cafe scenes, street scenes and crowds of people that I have been saving for the day I had the courage to paint them.

I will mention that I have been frustrated with the quality of my images on the computer.  I am using the same camera, but, I switched to a Mac in December.  I feel like iPhoto is not keeping accurate color or sharpness that is the actual photo.  When I look at my posts before December, I feel that the quality of the pictures is so much closer to the real life image.  Does anyone have thoughts or advice on this?

Stay cool and please check back to see a new subject I just finished painting - it is NOT a cafe scene!

p.s.  I am exhibiting in 2 shows right now:  One Gallery and Manske Library.  These are group shows and the collections are quiet interesting.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Give a Liana Yarckin Original for Father's Day

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The painting above was commissioned by the daughter, the painting is of her father and her two brothers.