Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liana Yarckin - Cafe Series

Lunch at Angel Tube Stop

It has been busy, busy, busy with the kids out of school for summer.  Fun, but, busy with little time to paint, much less keep up with all of the business side promoting one's art.

Here is number 11 in the Cafe Series.  I am really liking the color mingling going on in the right corner of the picture.  By doing this series, I am getting less afraid of painting crowds of people.  The photo that inspired this painting is from 2001.  I have stacks of photos of cafe scenes, street scenes and crowds of people that I have been saving for the day I had the courage to paint them.

I will mention that I have been frustrated with the quality of my images on the computer.  I am using the same camera, but, I switched to a Mac in December.  I feel like iPhoto is not keeping accurate color or sharpness that is the actual photo.  When I look at my posts before December, I feel that the quality of the pictures is so much closer to the real life image.  Does anyone have thoughts or advice on this?

Stay cool and please check back to see a new subject I just finished painting - it is NOT a cafe scene!

p.s.  I am exhibiting in 2 shows right now:  One Gallery and Manske Library.  These are group shows and the collections are quiet interesting.


  1. The thing about photo's is they look different from computer to computer. When I photographed my latest vintage Bear, it looked perfect on my iPad, but on my laptop, the same photo looked really different! So, no matter what you do, you can never really tell what others see. All I can say is that your painting looks colourful, vibrant and beautiful on my screen!

  2. Hi! Your cafe scene is so beautiful! I always love your subtle attention to detail...and color. Amazing how you capture the spirit. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. I like your series. Maybe I need to get braver too. I have so many photos of similar crowds.

  4. Thank you, fellow artists! Anthony, absolutely, you must try some crowds. You know far more than I at drawing figures. I would love to see crowds by you in your pen sketches as well. I am recalling your gorgeous pen sketches of cities/buildings - do that approach with the crowds! I want to see!

  5. This painting is fantastic Liana. I love cityscapes!


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