Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Get your LOVE on!!!!

Celebrate yourself, your honey, your bestie with LOVE!!!  

I am continuing with my "Walking in Love" series.  Newest to the collection are the "Loves Me" scarves which debuted at Stanley Korshak.  I came to the "Loves me" scarf design when working on a painting of loves me, loves me not flowers.  I had painted "loves me all over the page and now it was time to paint "loves me not." I could not bring myself to paint those words.  I put the painting aside for days. I thought and thought about getting the courage to do the next step, which was write "love me not."  I remembered being young and picking the petals off of the flower, counting ahead to see what was the outcome going to be.  How could I change it so that the game would end with "loves me." And then that is when it occurred to me, that this painting was my game.  I had the license to make the game the way I wanted.  So it was a "loves me" painting.  

We all have the license to choose what kind of day we are going to have, what kind of life we are going to have.  I choose to find love and joy in myself, in others and even in the things around me. It has become such a habit that sometimes I surprise myself when I can say a positive thing about an overcast day!  I hope you can choose and experience love and joy.  And if you want to spread the love and joy with a gift or need a Valentine gift...

Quality Prints

Which one is the original? 
I am so pleased with the quality of this art print. Many times my clients need a print(s) of the original.  Prints are affordable and great for gifts. You can get them in any size and on just about anything from paper to canvas to even a phone case. My most popular watercolors and the "Love" paintings are available in prints on my website at great prices! 

Exciting News! My silk scarves are at: 

Brenda Schoenfeld Now
3911 Oaklawn Avenue

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Brenda is crazy about my "Loves Me" scarves!

This Saturday come see me at: 

4514 Travis St.
Travis Walk

I will have a collection of shelf size originals, scarves and gift cards.

 The Liana Yarckin "Loves Me" scarves available in 3 colors
because every petal on your flower is a "loves me" petal!
These are perfect for yourself or for your galentine!

For the love of your life, what about a custom watercolor of your home, vacation home, his boat, your ranch, your favorite ski spot, the place you proposed....
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Get the original "Loves Me" painting or another painting from the "Walking in Love" series at Cerulean Gallery.