Thursday, February 28, 2013

Art Show

I just finished hanging over 40 paintings at City Cafe.  I literally took up every square inch of wall space and I still have a couple of paintings at my house that I need to take up there.  I have already received some good feedback.  One friend even called with several great marketing ideas like table tents and most the map link at the end of my blog.    

City Cafe is going to do another fabulous reception like last time and everyone is invited.  The date is to be determined.  In the meantime, you can have a look when you are in the neighborhood.  I would love to meet you up there any time, just call or text.  If you happen to visit, please let me know what you think.  Paintings may be purchased at any time, you don't have to wait for the reception :).

Visit me on Facebook to see the latest details on the show, what's sold, what people have thought...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beach Scenes

Beach Deck Lunch - Ptown
11x14 watercolor and acryllic
by Liana Yarckin

My latest painting.  The original did not come off like I had imagined.  I got brave and literally "framed" out the parts I liked with blue.  I saved the pieces I liked and kept laying on blue paint.

Should I include this in my show?  I really like it, but, will someone else like it?

If you have a facebook page, let me know.  I love seeing my artist friends' art in my newsfeed.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Show Coming Up

I started February with paintings strewn all over my floor in preparation for my next solo art show at City Cafe.  Since then paintings have been taken to the framers and I have gone around town looking for ready made frames that will work.  I wish I could take all of my paintings to the framer and just have them framed, but, wow, what an investment.  Custom framing is so expensive.  So to keep prices low, I will be unloading my car this morning and spending the day matting and framing the majority of my paintings for the show.  

City Cafe will be making t-shirts for my show with the image of the painting I did for them.  They will also host a fabulous reception like last time, too, but something different.  I don't know what, yet, but, Karim, at Cafe said he wants to do something different.  I am so touched by their kindness to me.  

So a lot of work ahead for the March 1 hanging of the show.  My art will be up for the entire months of March and April.  You can stop by any time to see it.  

Thanks for your time and support.  I really appreciate it.  Have a great week and I hope to see you at City Cafe, on my blog or your blog or on facebook!