Thursday, April 18, 2019

Addicted to Dogwoods & Flowers!

8x10 poppies

Addicted to Dogwoods

Happy Spring!!!  I hope you were greeted with fabulous blossoms and the bright green of new growth, not to mention the glow of the Japanese maples.

Someone who just met me said that I should be proud of starting a career at my age.  She had just learned about my scarves and shows that I was doing.  But, I know I wouldn't be doing these shows if it was not for all of you.  Some of you have known me when I just started painting and the thought of selling a painting was not even in my head.  Now at age 51, I find that painting and doing shows makes me feel alive!!!  When I got my gig at Stanley Korshak, I felt like I was out of college landing the best job ever.  I will tell you that high lasted months!!!  And what keeps me going is my relationship with all of you.  I am touched when I hear the different ways my art has had an effect on you. Having my shows and being surrounded by people that are happy for me and giving off good vibes is how I want to spend my time. The shows & social media take me out of the studio, out of solitude and puts me in the world. 

With that said, I am honored that Elizabeth W and Texas Madre want to host me!!!!!