Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SWS 49th Annual Juried Member Show

Linda Franklin
Second Place
Mary Emerson
Edgar A. Whitney Award

Pat Kochan
Carolyn Hollabaugh BAC Award
Just some of the paintings in the show

Me and my mom

Last Saturday evening was the Southwestern Watercolor Society's 49th Annual Juried Member Reception.  The show is running until October 19, the gallery is open everyday except Sunday.

I already mentioned in a previous post that the paintings are really amazing.  Artists from Florida to California entered.  The reception was very crowded and there were so many artists friends to talk to and to meet.  I didn't take any photos until after the reception when it was almost empty.  The painting on top by Linda Franklin is my absolute favorite.  LOVE these colors and the pattern makes my eyes want to keep looking all around the painting.  Some small world tidbits:  

all 3 of my watercolor teachers won awards, that would be:
Jane Jones, Naomi Brotherton and Pat Kochan

I was reunited with a long lost painting pal, Mary Emerson.  She had talked me into 
taking my first week long workshop out of town with Ken Hosmer.  AND I bought the first
painting she ever sold!  It is still hanging in my house.  When I saw her name on the painting, I wondered if it was the same Mary Emerson.  She looks the same and she remembered me.

My dear artist friend, Anne Beletic was in the show, too.  We had met at a workshop long ago.  Then she recognized me at the playground when our children were just toddlers.  It turned out that our kids would go to school together to this day.

I do love this art community that I am so fortunate to be a part of.  My mom got to come to the show because she happened to be in town.  She is an artist, too.  I am so glad I got to share this with her.  My sweet little 4 year old fell asleep in the car and slept through the entire event despite how noisy it was.  When we got home he asked, "Are we going to the art show?"

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sisters and their dog - in progress

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Yesterday morning I woke up to wet sidewalks and cloudy sky which brought a giddiness to me.  Yes, I was thrilled it was raining.  I don't know why, but, when it rains it seems that everyone kind of slows down.  For me, that means I can stay in my pajamas and paint all day.  

Above is a portrait of two sisters with their dog - in progress.  It is on a 22x30 full sheet of watercolor paper.  It is hard to get a decent photo when the paper is so large.  Also, the wells of the warping paper create shadows onto itself.  I have a long ways to go on this portrait.  When I work on portraits, I like to go slow and step back for a day or so.  The tiniest change in color or value can make such a difference, either good or bad.  In this case, I am not happy with the cheek lines on the little girl on the right.  I am so disappointed with it I don't know what to do.  Portrait artists out there, help.  My other issue is, I don't know what the background color should be.  Usually, it develops on its own if I don't have an idea before painting.  This time, there is so much background and a long ways to go.  I welcome all suggestions.

Have a great week and stop by to see me at the SWS Art Show this Saturday if you are in the area.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Reception

I hope all is well with you.  I dropped off my painting last Saturday for the Southwestern Watercolor Society's 49th Annual Exhibit and was literally blown away by the amazing paintings lining the floor waiting to be hung.  It was a juried competition so I am very excited that my painting was accepted in to the show.  

You are all invited to the reception
Saturday, September 22
Plano Family Arts
4017 Preston Road

I know it is far away for most Dallasites, if you happen to be in the area, come celebrate with me!  I promise you, you will be very impressed with the level of art at this show.  My mom and little 4 year old will be there, too, as well as all of the artists in the show.

Even if you cannot make it, I do appreciate your constant support at the local Dallas shows, the referrals from you and your comments here, on facebook and via email.  The biggest reward to me is the connection my paintings make between us.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

City Scapes by Liana Yarckin

The Marquee

Happy back to school!  One week for me.  Hopefully, I can get into a good painting routine again.

I have been wanting to paint this image since it was under renovation.  I have photos of it with cranes and construction workers thinking I would paint it back then.  The Village Theatre located in Highland Park Village was always a theater, but, with the renovation, they created a super glam place for a night out.  First, the marquee (actually for the restaurant and bar named, The Marquee) was turned into a glamorous viewing deck or pedestal if you will.  When you are walking in the village you look up and see a crowd of people encased in the glass railings, smartly dressed, having cocktails and enjoying each other and the view.  It makes me want to go up there immediately.  So that's why I say a pedestal.  It feels like a throw back to old Hollywood, beautiful people with martini glasses in hand, standing up there to be seen and admired by the pedestrians below.  Another way I can describe it, is the idea of climbing out your window and making a cozy little space on top of a flat roof.  It's found space, a viewing deck or one's private getaway.  

Please don't misinterpret my description, when you live in Dallas, away from the ocean, the mountains, tall palms or tall pines, you have to make the best of what you have.  Architecture, getting dressed up and sitting on a marquee could be that mountain top sometimes.  

This painting has inspired me to want to paint plein air around town.  So any Dallas artists reading this, please contact me.  I want to put a plein air group together to paint once a week. 

Have a great Labor Day to my American readers!