Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Finding Fulfillment this Summer

 Fun with brush calligraphy

Painting with less brush strokes

Happy Summer!!!!  I have modified my painting since I am trying to give my arm a break.  If you have noticed, I am doing more pours and also, paintings that do not require too much fine detail work.  In a way, this has changed my painting style and has forced me to explore different ways to paint that do not agitate my painting arm.  I did try to not paint for about a month, but, I became a very irritable and grumpy person.  I started "sneaking" in 15 minute painting interavals.  I found that after painting something for just 15-20 minutes, my brain was very happy.  I realized one day, that I had to wait before going to do the next thing, whatever that was, focusing on driving my child somewhere or completing paper work for something.  I had to wait because my head was spinning in some kind of joyful high.  The feeling was great.  When I go to various doctors to find out what is wrong with my arm, I tell them that painting is like a drug for me.  It is better than any happy pill.  After I paint, and recover from my buzz, I can do any of the mundane things in daily life happily.  I have been satisfied creatively or my brain has been stimulated to the point it likes.  I have become a more joyful person.  Another observation I have is that I can get joy from seeing things I want to paint.  Which are always the sun shining on flowers, people, buildings creating shadows.  I now see the paint colors and look for the composition in what I see.  Sometimes, I do see something so beautiful, yet, there is not a composition or at least the composition that I like which is a strong light and strong shadow pattern.  I have shared some of these photos with you.  

My point of this post is find something that stimulates your brain so you can have your own happy pill.  I would say this is the most joyful I have been in life and it is very addictive.  My mom used to paint.  Something happened to her, a stroke or some kind of breakdown, we don't know, but, whatever it was, it made her forget her nagging pain in her back AND how to paint.  She can't for the life of her remember the first step in how she would start a painting.  She is basic paralyzed when it comes to painting.  She will not even pick up a brush.  Now, she is so unhappy and spiraling down because she cannot find joy.  I realize this has to do with something bigger than not painting, but, I believe if she could find something that stimulates her brain the way painting did for her, maybe she would not be as bad off as she is.  

This is your life, your days.  Find a creative way to stimulate yourself.  Sometimes for me, just painting a simple colorful card, like above, is good enough to get me the buzz.  You don't have to show your work to anyone.  Don't have high expectations for yourself.  It does not have to look exactly like you want for it to look.  Be gentle with your creative self.  If painting is not your thing, try singing, sculpting or writing, photography.  Just think about writing, what risk do you have there?  You are writing on a piece of paper, it doesn't even have to be expensive paper and surely you have a pen that you got for free somewhere.  Write your thoughts, write your favorite things, write a memory, things will evolve.  You have nothing to lose in whatever creative experience you try.  At first, it may seem like what is the point, but, I promise you, if you stick with it, you will get to the point of being fulfilled.  And fulfillment is the best experience for me.  Good luck!  I want to hear what you try.