Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watercolor Classes at the Dallas Arboretum

This spring I will be teaching two classes at the Dallas arboretum.  One is a one day class focusing on roses.  The other is a first time and highly requested 3-day workshop painting plein air in the absolutely gorgeous setting of the Dallas Arboretum!  Don't wait for next time, sign up now.

Rose Class - May 7
Plein Air workshop - May 23-25

The class sizes are small enough so that everyone at all levels gets individual attention.

Comments from former students:

"Liana is not just a talented artist, but a gifted teacher with the ability to explain her technique so that even the novice student can learn.  I enjoyed her class so much and improved my watercolor skills tremendously." - MG

“ If you are looking to enhance your watercolor painting skills, I would suggest you consider Liana Yarkin.    Liana has developed an identity of using bright, light filled, soft colors in her ensemble of plein air paintings.   If you need someone to encourage you to the next step in your skill set, your help will come from a lovely lady with a smile behind every comment. Her instruction and demonstrations will include thought provoking ways to bring out the best in one’s ability regardless of prior water color experience.   If things are not going right, encouragement is not far behind.   I have witnessed her to help someone whose initial attempt was absolutely awful, ( no kidding), where soon a lemon was transformed into lemonade. ”