Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beauty in Simplicity

I know that I promised I would post some of my photos and preliminary sketches for you to see, but, first let me tell you about these. This week is career week at my son's school. He asked me to come talk about being a painter vs. an architect. I was looking through my paintings to see what the children might be interested in and I found these. I did these in my first watercolor class about 12 years ago. What I like about these is that they are so high in contrast and vibrant color. I am going to tack these up in my studio to remind me to keep my watercolors clean, bright and simple. I am going to tell the kids in my son's class to go home, get one piece of fruit and draw it in many different positions. Notice how the light is shining on it and draw that shape of light. Then paint or color it noticing all of the colors in the fruit. Notice what colors the fruit is taking on from it's surroundings and put all of those colors in your drawing, but leave the shape of light alone. I encourage you to try the same. You never know what you might find!!!!
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  1. Outstanding watercolors...your use of vibrant contrast and colors is just super. I invite you to visit and possibly submit a sunrise/sunset in my Windows to the Words Challenge...I would be honored. Once again...excellent work.


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