Monday, May 4, 2009

Dedication to Architecture

I thought it appropriate to share with everyone my first commission that I mention in the "about me" section. The above watercolor was my friends' house. It has since been torn down. This was truly fun for me to paint. The home owner's have an eclectic art collection, so even though I was scared to death because it was my first commission, I knew they would also appreciate my artistic interpretation.

The home done in pen and ink deserves to have many more sketches. There is so much architectural detail in this home. I loved this view showing the gardens and the house nestled in the mature trees.

Although my academic and professional background is architecture, I much prefer to do artistic representations of architecture vs. an architectural rendering at this point in my life. If you would like a painting of your home, parent's home or favorite building by me, feel free to email me with your request.

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