Monday, September 16, 2013

Icee Heaven
11x14 watercolor by Liana Yarckin

I did the drawing for this on Saturday and painted it Sunday.  I probably put too much information in in the background, but, I wanted the business of the fun park to show that there was nothing better than this Icee at the moment.  Do you remember when you were young and the chance to get an Icee!  Only two choices in flavor then, cola or cherry.  A little more tweaking is needed in this painting.  Some more blue on the shadow side of his face.

On a side note, I have hair color in my hair right now.  I have a meeting at school today which is going to take a big chunk of my painting time today!  I am loving the pressure of getting a painting posted by 10:00 a.m. every morning, that's about when Leslie's post goes up my time.  What am I going to do when this challenge is over.  With the challenge, I am posting with 250+ artists.  Each day I have an opportunity to show to all of these artists and all of the visitors going to Leslie's page, plus all of the people that have tuned in on facebook.  When I see people around town, they ask what am I going to paint next and I have received several commissions, too!  The buzz of this challenge is great.  In addition, to the social aspect, I have learned so much about my painting style and techniques, which I hope improvement is showing, I am more organized about my days and time, I have been challenging myself artistically ( I "fix" the photos I have to make a better composition and painting), I am in a groove of thinking artistically, even last night I had dreams of abstract watercolor images, that's a first, but, most importantly, I am jazzed and fulfilled everyday because of painting everyday!

Thank you to all of your comments, I am enjoying each of your blogs and facebook pages.


  1. Beautiful, nostalgic image. I have looked back on your paintings from the challenge and they are amazing!

  2. The background is perfect! It takes you right to this handsome little boy! Beautifully painted, as always.!


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