Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cottage Gardens

 Garden Cottage

On Cape Cod, my other favorite scenery are the cottages with their overgrown, thriving, lush gardens.  Since the climate is so mild, the flowers are so happy.  Can you believe that they can grow these Stargazer Lillie's as in the last picture?  They are all over the place standing tall.  Even the Casablanca variety! 

I would see the cottage I painted on Route 6A when we were driving by in the fast flow of traffic with no place to pull over (not the appropriate time to ask to stop and take a photo).  You can only see the house at the opening of the driveway because it is surrounded by tall bushes, trees and vines.  I loved the blue shutters with the pink roses in front.  The blue was not the french blue shutter color, but instead a light cerulean blue.  And the house was the faintest golden yellow.  Of course, had the flowers not been there, I may have never really noticed the house.

Have a great week!  Thank you for visiting!


  1. Light and fresh.. Very airy.. Loved it..

  2. Hi, i love seeing the photo along with the painting,it gives me a good idea of how you crop and paint this delightful painting.

  3. Mmmm, Cape Cod memories...! Thank you sharing your beautiful art. Kathy

  4. your painting is more vibrant than the photograph...nice colours!

  5. The painting is SO pretty! And it looks even nicer that the photograph. I love the colours and you have maintained a fresh and unlaboured feel. Lovely!

  6. I agree, the house with its shutters is pretty but the abundant flowers put in in the picturesque category, Liana. I love the painting, it will become a timeless classic!


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