Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sail, Sail, Sail Away

 Waiting for the Tide

 Where Ocean Meets Sky

Low Tide II

Yes, more beach paintings.  What can I say.  This is where I spent most of our days on vacation.  I took several photos, but, there is nothing like painting right in front of your subject.  Aside from photos distorting perspectives and making shadows darker, I find that when I paint on location, I capture the feeling and essence of the scene despite what the final painting may look like.  If the feeling is conveyed to the viewer, then a connection has been made.

My personal favorite is Where Ocean Meets Sky.  There are many days when the clouds are so thick and the ocean and air are so still that you cannot see the point where the ocean and sky meet because they are so close in color.  Sometimes the colors are blues to lavenders or greens to lavenders.  Sometimes you can see hints of pink or yellow in the sky which are then reflected in the water.  

In all of the paintings, the boat, Bay Rose is present.  I ended up meeting the owner of the boat on our last day.  It turns out that this is the boat's first season in the water.  It is a brand new boat, 3rd of its kind made out of all wood.  The inside of the boat had the fresh smell of cedar.  Bay Rose always stood tall and straight even when other boats sat at a slant on the sand.  Bay Rose has been popular for her first season on the water.  One night I watched a photographer hang out and photograph her for over an hour during the sunset.  

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  1. All three are great. I like "Where Ocean Meets Sky" too. I would sit and watched the wooden boat for hours also.

  2. Lovely fresh watercolours Liana.
    Just as they should be.
    I look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Kind Regards

  3. These are absolutely stunning! What gorgeous colours you have used and so beautifully painted :0)

  4. Liana, they are all gorgeous, but I too have a favorite....where ocean meets sky.

  5. All your works are very good but I loved the second one! Wonderful work, Liana! Congratulations!


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