Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Joys of a "Snow Day"

The Market
5.5" x 15"

Thanks to our "snow storm" in Dallas, I got to paint today!!!! Almost everything is shut down so it is a surprise "free day".

I was inspired from a scene I saw of San Miguel in the Smithsonian magazine. I tried to apply the techniques I learned in Andy Evansen's workshop. If you are a regular reader, you know that I desire to paint "loose", however, as you know, I always end up going to my natural style which is tight and detail oriented. I tried to give the idea of the viewer being IN a crowded market. I decided to paint this on a page cut emphasizing the horizontal. I learned that this is what I liked about my sailboat paintings. I feel in those paintings that I am on a sailboat in the dance of boats. I found that this shape was also good for the mountain scene and A Secret Garden. I like this horizontal format a lot. I feel like it engulfs the viewer.


  1. A like the extended street scene. The colors work very well.
    The same storm is closing us down for tomorrow. I plan to paint too.

  2. This is nice and loose for sure. And yes the horizontal format works well here. Well done.

  3. There is nothing that I don't like about this painting! I love the colours, the brickwork, the format, the style - Everything! It's really inspiring!
    It seems we have something in common in that we are both trying to loosen up - I am naturally tight too :0)

  4. Ack! My son flew down to Dallas yesterday to volunteer at the Superbowl through his University! Never expected the weather to be worse than in NY!!! hahahaha Yikes! I have my very first snow day of the year here in WNY too! Isn't it grand? CREATE is the word of the day! LOVE your art! ~Kathy

  5. Perfect antidote to snow!
    Delicious watercolour xx

  6. I love the loose style and the bold colors! Warm and inviting!


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