Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tissue paper and an old rendering

Here is my painting, Love is in the Air, printed on tissue paper and bag tags!!!! The tags and tissue paper were used for the favor bags at a YPO Valentine Party. Cards Direct had the design enlarged on the tissue paper. I think the tissue paper emphasizes a special luminosity.

8x10 pen and ink in sepia
This was the first rendering I did as a gift for a friend long ago. I always loved the architectural style of this house in Northern Hills in Dallas. Northern Hills has a very interesting history which continues to twist and turn. It is just 4 quaint streets of homes mostly built in the twenties. There have been issues with the neighbors that are trying to preserve the beautiful architecture of this neighborhood with new home owners that are building homes without any regard to the surroundings. Look at this wonderful home, how tall and proud it stands with appropriate proportions to its site. I hope the fate of this house is safe.


  1. The tissue looks really great.. COngratulations once again. And the house rendering is so perfect and beautiful.

  2. I think the tissue looks very pretty indeed :0)
    And wow, the drawing of the house is amazing!

  3. Your tissue paper is really beautiful, the differents colors in the same hue are provoking its luminosity. The drawing of building is perfect. You know how to use the perspective, that's very important.
    Thanks for your kind comment, and also thanks to your mom. I'm trying to use, the brush, paper and tubes of watercolor, as you had suggested, every day.

  4. I too hope, this house will be safe, it is a beautiful house, and you sketched it so well.


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