Friday, August 3, 2012

Conch Shell Abstraction Complete

Conch Shell
16x20 watercolor
by Liana Yarckin

 Painting Area one day on vacation

A lobster roll from J.T.'s Seafood, check out that claw

I finally finished the conch shell abstraction.  It was a fun and liberating experience.  Finishing it in my studio got me lost in the zone.  I continued painting in the grid with gradations, then at a stopping point, I noticed it was two equals - water and shell.  I decided to work on the shell so that it would pop out as the star.  I left the white strips because they reminded me of the sunlight reflections in the water.  I was trying to show a conch shell in beautiful clear moving water like the water in Turks and Caicos where it is so aqua, yet, see through to many several feet below.  Several shades of aqua blue with white sand far below and reflections of bright sunlight.  Please read my last post to get the full story of the abstraction process.

I am thrilled that we got to go on our annual Cape Cod trip to visit my husband's family.  Normally, we stay for a long time and I get to crank out a bunch of paintings, but, this year we did things a little different.  With my kids at camp, my husband and I went to Montreal.  This was such a fantastic trip.  The highlight was riding the rental bikes that are on every corner all over to see the sites.  We were lucky to eat delicious French food and go to the comedy festival that happened to be in town.  Then we drove to Maine to pick our kids up from camp.  Our road trip included stops in Burlington, VT and Kennebunkport, ME before ending up at the Cape.  So in other words, I had a blast, but, did very little painting.

I had to post a pic of a lobster roll from J.T.'s Seafood because of the last post from photos taken the previous summer.  I promise I am not on commission or an owner of J.T.'s, but, take a look at that lobster claw.  The best lobster roll I had this trip was at The Colony in Kennebunkport, though.  

Despite not painting much, I took several photos of cafes, sailboats, flowers and anything that made me say, "ooh, i want to paint that."  Where are your summer travels taking you?  If it is summer in your parts of the woods, that is. 

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  1. Hello Liana:) Why is everybody showing food on their blog? I'm getting so hungry all the time!
    Your painting if so beautiful. Nice fresh colors. It's so original! Beautiful!

  2. It is really beautiful! Such a wonderful subject! I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod, to swim with the sharks :0)


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