Friday, July 27, 2012

Cafes from Cape Cod and Dallas

Lobster Rolls at JT's Seafood
11x14 watercolor
by Liana Yarckin

Selected for the Artists of Texas Fourth Annual Show:

Lunch in the West End
11x14 watercolor
by Liana Yarckin
No matter what the temperature is outside, everyone always enjoys a meal with friends alfresco.  Here are two more paintings for my cafe series.  In order to be considered for my cafe series, umbrellas are key!  Umbrellas or a trellis of vines.  

The painting on top is of JT's Seafood.  They have the best lobster rolls.  I first saw the umbrellas and crowds of people when we were driving by on Route 6A several years ago.  The traffic was heavy and traveling at a good pace that it was difficult to get my husband to turn the car around so I could take some photos.  Photos would have to wait for another summer.  I found my way back to Route 6A and took photos of JT's and the much photographed Brewster General Store.  Little did I know that we would end up spending time in Brewster for the next two summers.  Now I have several photos of JT's from all angles taken while we waited for our food.  It is funny how things in life can make a full circle.

Lunch in the West End is inspired by the West End in Dallas.  The West End is a popular place for tourists to go when visiting Dallas.  A nice little walking area in Downtown full of restaurants, shops and live entertainment.  I really liked the shadows coming around the building here.  The red brick arch marks the entrance of the West End.


My dear blogger friend, Sandra Busby, has a chance for her painting Sherlock to be on the cover of the art catalogue, Ken Bromley Art Supply.  Sandra is such a talented artist and has a wonderful series of teddy bear paintings.  Here is Sherlock:

To vote: click on this link , Sandra's name is right under the picture.  It would make a darling cover.


  1. Wow Lianna - I have just posted about the competition on my blog and then came along to have a look at your latest post and now I see this link for me!!! You are just such a wonderful bloggy friend and really I just can't thank you enough! You are just SO kind :0)
    Your cafe series is a joy! They are always so colourful and full of light - I can't get enough! And I know what you mean about the umbrella's too - there is just something about them, like a deck chair on a beach or the sail of a boat. And they give such a great opportunity to add vibrant colours too :0)

  2. Liana,
    Your colors are so fresh and vibrant, they bring out the cafe mood so well.. Big Hug for these..

  3. Prabal, thank you. I truly like your style both, plein air and studio in your wonderful scenes of India.


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