Friday, August 24, 2012

Beach Scenes by artist Liana Yarckin

original watercolor
by Liana Yarckin

I had so much fun painting the last group of seals that I painted another seal.  We saw this little guy in Chatham Harbor.  He and his 5 or 6 buddies were having fun swimming for the morning crowd.  An hour and a half had gone by before we knew it watching them.  They would come mostly on their backs and show their bellies to the sun.  It was really relaxing watching them swim and float with such ease.  The water was truly clear so that you really could see their bodies in the water.

So.... what should I name this painting?  Do you have an idea?  Morning Swim, Cool Waters, Self Reflection?  This painting makes me think of the cold water that I have dipped in only briefly.  Because the water is so clear, it always tempts me to go in, but, it is soooooo cold.  It is refreshing, but, I always stay in for under 5 minutes.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on titles and the painting!


  1. Well commenting on the painting is not so difficult. It's beautiful Liana. Love the reflections and the expression on his face. Also the fresh watercolor is wonderful.
    Give it a title is an oter story.... Maybe "wanna join?".
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. This is BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL!!!! How adorable and what an amazing job you have done of that water and the reflection! And his wet coat too... Wow!!

  3. Your artwork is very beautiful! I particularly like this guy!


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