Monday, April 30, 2012

Home Portrait for a Gift

Good news, Shirly Cohn of Allie Beth Allman just picked this home portrait up for her client. She is going to give it to them as a closing gift.  Her client is moving back to South America so now they will have this painting to always remember their time in Dallas.  

This home was built in 1937 in true Dilbeck style. It is featured in the book, "Great American Suburbs". Shirly was very proud that it sold before making it to market above market value.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this unique home with the wonderful landscaping.  Yes, I did embellish the flowers a little.  

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  1. A lovely painting of a beautiful home. Fabulous.

  2. It is so gorgeous and colourful. I like the Cyprus trees in particular and the way the sunlight is catching them :0)

  3. Thank you AK and Sandra! I always respect your opinions.


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