Sunday, April 15, 2012

Digital Editing & Watercolor

Many of you know that my first solo show held at City Cafe was more than I ever imagined or expected.  Michele, Karim and the entire staff at City Cafe were just wonderful and I felt like I was part of the City Cafe Family.   I wanted to thank them and express my deepest appreciation.  Michele had mentioned that he wanted to talk to me about a painting of City Cafe because he had seen my Home Portraits.  I thought I would surprise him with a painting of City Cafe as a thank you gift.

The photos of City Cafe are above.  I wanted to capture the essence of "City Cafe", not document the location of their lease.  Knowing Michele, I knew that he would be okay with me using my artistic license.  Using Corel Photopaint, I merged, cut and paste, erased several photos to get an image that showed the front door to City Cafe with the outdoor seating.  I moved the valet stand over, too, because when I am driving by on Lover's Lane, that valet umbrella grabs my eye and says, "We are open".  I basically removed the things that were not "City Cafe" like the giant columns and the staircase going to the businesses above.

I hope you like the way I interpreted the photos.  Of course, City Cafe was very gracious when I presented them with the painting.

If I did not already mention in a previous post, consider showing your work in a restaurant or coffee shop.  The exposure and experience has been great.  Make sure to have cards with contact information available, too.

Have a good week!  Please visit me on Facebook for the latest pictures!

p.s.  I had a nice little surprise last week. Cardsdirect contacted me to buy the license for the last painting I posted!  I didn't even know they read my blog.


  1. Beautiful! And congratulations! I love your work.

  2. I like the interpretation very much.

  3. They must have been thrilled - and congratulations on your exibition! You must have felt really proud :0)

  4. You did a wonderful interpretation !

  5. Oh what a great surprise for City cafe. And nice surprise for you too. :)
    Thank you so much for wishing me good health. My eye is healing now. I should be up and running in a few days time.


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