Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amen Corner

Amen Corner a.k.a. 12th Hole

I couldn't wait to post this with the Masters just happening this past weekend.  For Pat's Monday class, we  could paint a golf course if we wanted.  Not being a golfer, I had no interest, but, then catching a glimpse of the Masters on the T.V., I changed my mind.  The images they were showing of Augusta golf course were just amazing.  My poor husband, while he was trying to enjoy to tournament, I would rewind, pause and take pictures of the scenery.  This is an image I caught on T.V.  I used my artistic license to embellish the azaleas which had bloomed early this year.  What I was most interested in were the reflections in the water.  The sun is right behind the trees to the right of the bridge.  I am just now noticing that the blue sky is not showing up as I thought.  I will go back and look at the original now and see if I need to correct that.  The blue in the water is true to how the sky looked.

Hope everyone had a great Easter / Passover.  Thank you for taking the time to email me or comment.  I truly appreciate it!

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  1. This is LOVELY! You have captured the water beautifully and such gorgeous colours :0)

  2. Hello Liana:) I think you did a great job on the golfcourse. They always have that beautiful rolling lawns and I see them in your painting back. Beautiful!

  3. This is really beautiful. How did you paint it from the T.V.. I didn't watch the Masters but what a lovely spot!

  4. Thank you, sweet friends. Cathy, we have DirectTV and I just pressed the pause button, then I took a picture with my cell phone, transferred it to my computer and printed it. I have an iPhone and iCloud which makes this process so easy.


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