Friday, October 15, 2010

Highland Park Village

This is a scene in a shopping center in Dallas. One can park their car and walk around to the various shops and restaurants here. I painted this last week in preparation for the Andy Evansen workshop I have been partipating in this week. I cannot tell you how great it is to do plein air painting with Andy. He is ovbiously a great artist, but, he is also a great teacher, too. We have been all over Dallas painting street scenes, landscape at parks, boats at White Rock Lake and today, trolleys on Mckinney St. I am very happy with my value paintings, but, the color ones are not so hot, yet. Maybe I will post next week.


  1. You did fabulous job on showing the lights and shades ... The mix of warm and cool colors makes it so interesting.

    Thank you Liana,

  2. Fresh and sparkling and lovely, Liana. Great work!

  3. Another lovely, fresh and bright painting! Love it!

  4. Your paintings are certainly filled with a variety of colors- well balanced too. Nice work. -Joe

  5. It seems to me that you have a great time with the workshop
    Your watercolor is perfect!Lovely

  6. This is really quite stunning. You have a lightness and translucency, but have not sacrificed color. Outstanding - very fresh and vibrant.


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