Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Harvest
I have never really been one for painting holiday themed art, but, the weather was so amazingly gorgeous with beautiful, bright sunlight and just the perfect mild temperature I had to sit outside and paint this gorgeous fall display created by my friend, Richard. Richard relocated to Dallas from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. He and his family were actually considered refugees for a time when they first evacuated their home. They didn't bring much when they left and when it was safe to return to New Orleans, they found very little to salvage. They have been living in Dallas since. He is extremely creative in making the most beautiful garden scenes using flowers and plants one would not typically put together. This is just a part of the display. That pumpkin is so large, it makes the perfect seat for my kids. Every time my toddler sees this display he shouts out, "Look at all of those pumpkins!" Then he goes to sit on this giant pumpkin.

Alan Barnes Gallery
2011 Juried Exhibit
(I am in the show!)
Tuesday, October 14
5:30 - 8:30 Reception


  1. Gorgeous painting! You can't help but smile when you see it! Love all of the Fall colors and your friend is very talented putting together such a great Fall scape. Beautiful!!

  2. I love how you painted the pumpkin. What colors did you use for the pumpkin?

  3. Thank you Carrie. Such a compliment coming from you with your highly detailed watercolors.

  4. Thanks, Gretchen. What colors did I use for the pumpkin - while wet, I put aureolin, scarlet lake and permanent rose. I prefer to use scarlet lake with more pigment vs. a wash for brightness. I also used new gamboge with perm. rose mixed on the palette for more orange. Once dry, I layered on watered scarlet lake for the cool side of the pumpkin, thick scarlet lake for the more vivid curves and watered french ultramarine.

  5. I remember Hurricane Katrina very well - We were meant to be landing in Mexico the day it hit, so the travel agency sent us to the Maldives instead! The hurricane was a blessing for us as we had the time of our life and found a place we just can't get enough of. It's just so awful that it was so tragic for so many others :0(
    Your friend has a talent! And your painting is gorgeous! The colours are just beautiful and they are so fresh and vibrant! I love it :0)

  6. Sandra, thank you for sharing your story of Katrina. How lucky you were.

  7. I LOVE the way you painted the pumpkin and the colors of the fall leaves. This is gorgeous.

  8. You use the white of the paper so well to let light into the painting, Liana! Lovely!

  9. Marie, thank you. I do like to save my white!

  10. Liana,
    Congratulations on being juried into the show. Best of luck!

  11. Congratulations!!!
    Love your "Fall Harvest"
    The collors are wonderful!
    Good luck with the show.

  12. Love your use of colour in this one Liana. That pumpkin is a masterpiece alone; I wonder if you'll use it later this month?


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