Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fair Day

Cotton Candy

Photo of Big Tex

Yes, it is time for the Texas State Fair. This is my husband's favorite event. Although, he would never tell you that, you just know by how many times he says how great the fair is while we are there. For years I have taken pictures at the fair for paintings, but, I have never painted one, yet. When I saw the Cotton Candy stand, I was inspired. I specifically took the photo of Big Tex for everyone who does not live in Dallas. He is 52' tall, talks and makes announcements and has his picture on the cotton candy bags. Do you see the ferris wheel in the bottom of the photo? It is in my painting, too. P.S. my toddler HAD to have the beautiful cotton candy. When he tasted it, he started crying and saying, "Hair, hair, get the hair out of my mouth." I guess he will be scarred now.


  1. You really captured the spirit of the fair here! Nice work.

  2. Beautifulwatercolor, so alive,
    I think that the atmosphere of the fair is so well captured!

    In the Netherlands we call the cotton candy
    sugar spider.

    Have a great week,

  3. Hi Liana. My first time visiting your blog. Nice work on the cotton candy booth- makes me want to take the kids to the fair.

    Stop by for a visit soon. -Joe

  4. Such a fun painting! I like it :0) I had to laugh when I read about the 'hair in the mouth'!

  5. Thats a really cute, fun and festive painting.. I am sure you had great fun. And the hair part was fun to read. :)

  6. Lovely, vibrant painting. Well done! xx

  7. Your painting "Fair Day" is really pleasant with the ice-cream candy colours and happy little figures, Liana!

  8. Wonderful painting! I never thought of cotton candy tasting like hair, but this could save some calories in the future - definitely!


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