Sunday, August 1, 2010

Days at the Beach

Vineyard Beach

The painting above was inspired by a beach on Martha's Vineyard on the Atlantic Ocean side. It was one of the most pristine beaches I have seen. On this day the water was very calm with small, friendly waves. It was such a contrast compared to the day before when the roar of the ocean waves was such a loud continuous thundering with giant crashing waves. In the distance was this curve of land jetting straight out of the water. I kept imagining how I could paint this sloping land with geometric shapes and layers of transparent color.

The photo is the sun setting on the beach we are staying at in Brewster, Ma.


  1. I told you beaches make interesting subjects. A very uncomplicated and simple perspective. brilliant.

  2. AK, yes, thank you. This one is for you. I thought about how I would want to paint a beach, the beach the whole time I was at this beach. I didn't have my paints with me on this day.

  3. Love the clean wahses. It seems a little abstraction was done in the hills in the background with simple shapes. Looks interesting.

  4. Yes, Prabal, I did start with very geometrical shapes on the hill. I kept thinking of breaking the scene down into simple shapes.


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