Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busted by the hubbie!

Well, I didn't think my husband read my posts! He read what I wrote about him getting the "wrong apples" in the last post! Out of the blue he said, "oh, by the way, you didn't specify what apples to buy". I thought for a second and then smiled, "you read my post?!!!" Believe it or not, nobody has eaten the red delicious apples, yet. I even brought them on the plane with us to Cape Cod because I can't be wasteful with food. I received many wonderful suggestions on how to paint the apples. Thanks so much!
As you can see, from the photos above, we are at the beach now. The photos above are of low tide in the morning and in the evening. Notice the location of the sun in each photo? I have said before, low tide is my absolute favorite time at the beach. I just love how far the tide goes out on the bay side of the Cape. Does the tide go out this far anywhere else? Please let me know. The house we are in this time has a tide clock. It tells you how many hours until low tide or high tide. The beach is ever changing here, you can literally measure time as the tide comes in, hangs out for a while and then slowly goes back out.
About the two paintings. Cathyann suggested I darken the left side of the painting on the watering can one. Well, I darkened the "other left". Cathyann, I am sorry, but, I am so impatient that I did not try your suggestion on acetate first. Very good suggestion and I highly recommend it. I ended up giving this painting to our gardener. I think he tried to fake a smile. Oh, well.
The second painting is on hot press. Experimenting painting glass. I took this photo when I noticed the evening sun coming in across the table. The dining room was so dark in contrast with this bright ray of sunlight coming in the window. I had 5 different vases holding uneventful flowers and herbs. I decided to paint three since it was my first time to paint clear glass. The glass is not gleaming as I have seen other artists achieve. I do like the free flow of the paint in the background and on the table though.
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here so despite a boot on my foot, I have been enjoying the beach. Maybe I will take my watercolors out there today.
Thanks for visiting and don't forget to tell me about your tides!


  1. That was one lucky gardener! I love the freshness of your work!

  2. Your subjects are so simple - results fabulous. Why don't you try painting the beach you are on. They make fantastic subjects.

  3. I think the smile on your gardener's face must have been genuine. And the glass one is very fresh too. While painting glass I just try and paint what I see..

  4. Your gardener must have loved this. What a nice gift. I really like the second one - don't you just love hot pressed paper?

  5. Thanks you all! I am glad to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions are wonderful. Prabal, I agree with you. Just paint what you see. But, easier said than done. Liz, I am enjoying hot pressed! AK, I accept your suggestion and will attempt painting the beach. Marie, I am so glad you think my work has freshness.

  6. I actually think the watering can painting is great! Your gardener is lucky!!
    Lucky you... my family (except my Dad) never reads my blog. Of course when Dad's well, he tells me just what he thinks about my paintings... which is not always a great thing!! LOL

  7. Hi there Liana. This is Cindy from book club. Your works are breath-taking!! And I can't resist the urge to reply back on tides since I too live for the ocean and tides., specifically how low tide sounds as the water almost sizzles back. My family used to visit virgina beach over 30 years ago so I'm not so sure of the status of the area now, but I can tell you that back then you would have spent hours and hours admiring the tides. The birds would come in too but they weren't annoying, they were really pleasant and just added to the awesome sound. Now a days my favorite tides are in cancun. My elderly uncle and son spend hours chasing the waves along the shore as he shouts "mommy take a picture"!


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