Monday, July 19, 2010

Limeade, sold.

Limes in a Blue Bowl, sold.
With the heat now in Dallas, one is always trying to stay cool. That is how this jar of sliced limes came about. I worked on the bowl of limes at the same time while I waited for paint to dry or contemplated what was the next step. Limeade started out as one of those old fashion glass beverage dispensers with a little spicket at the bottom of the jar. The background ended up getting muddy so I cropped it on the computer. I really liked how the lime slices looked so I didn't want to trash the whole painting.
What I learned from painting the peaches is that I really like the light and shadow patterns on these round objects. Most of the time I am painting rectaliner shapes or if there are curved objects they are in the distance and the shadow and light just gets lost with all of the other information in the painting. I guess that is why I also like to do close ups of flowers. To explore the curves of the petals, the light and the shadows with paint. I don't know what I am going to paint next. I sent my husband to the grocery store to buy 5 apples. I didn't specify what kind. He came back with 5 Red Delicous apples. I don't like the color of Red Delicious apples or the shape. They look more like red bell peppers. Unless I go to the store with my broken foot.... any suggestions?
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  1. I like your limes. Use the red delicious apples by altering them--cutting them in half, in wedges, and across to reveal the star-shaped core; peel one (only part-way, and leave the trailing peel attached). All these variations will change the shape and "experience" of the apples. Cut one into cubes and cook it into applesauce or a single-serving "pie" and paint both the stages and the result, including your utensils and any other ingredients you might use. There's more than one way to add interest to a boring subject.

  2. The two paintings are great. Like the way you saved the white.

  3. The two makes a lovely statement. It should hang in one of those lime-colored kitchens!

  4. Charlotte, thank you so much for your great ideas. I will be able to try your ideas because unlike the peaches, the red delicious apples have remained uneaten in my house.

    Anthony and Marie thank you for your comments. I always love to see what you have to say!

  5. Love these two beautiful lime paintings! Well done.

  6. I love the color scheme in the limeade painting.


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