Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday at the Beach

7 1/2 x 11

In contrast to the last post of the pristine beach on Martha's Vineyard, here is a scene from a Cape Cod Beach done plein air. I always love seeing all of the beach umbrellas on the beach whether in real life or in photos, posters or cards. I have painted many beach umbrella scenes over the years. On this one, I used my artistic license more to connect the umbrellas and figures for composition sake vs. having a bunch of individual "things" spread out on the paper. This painting does capture the feel of a perfect Sunday beach day on the Cape. Crowded, lots of umbrellas, kayaks, sailboats - everyone enjoying the weather. This beach has a lot of tall foliage between the beach and the houses compared to other beaches on the Cape.

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  1. Great painting with lots of energy. I like the umbrellas too.

  2. You paint beautifully,Liana.I loved the paintings of Peaches and limes below...

  3. Interesting blog Liana with lots of great paintings. I'm in awe of people who paint with watercolor..a very difficult medium which you do very well in. well done.


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