Saturday, July 27, 2019

End of Summer Art Sale

Happy Summer!!!!  I never thought that I would EVER have a sale.  I had heard on one of the Artists Helping Artists by Leslie Saeta interviews that art does not need to go on sale.  It is not like art goes out of style.  And I have also been influenced by the decluttering trend, recently, too.  One of my friends told me she likes to bless someone else with the clothes she no longer wants and to make room in her closet for new pieces.  

That last idea combined with my latest instagram post (July 27, 2019) made me want to have a sale and put as much of my art out there into the world.  Make room in my studio for new inventory, new paintings, maybe even in a different style.  I am not sure about another medium as I just LOVE the experience of painting in watercolor.  My latest instagram post made me have an epiphany that I am sooooooo excited about.  

While it had seemed that I had gone off into the scarf business and making jackets and not painting, it turns out that my paintings are out in the world being displayed on the backs of my collectors!!!  Without seeming arrogant, this makes me so happy to know that my two love paintings, in particular, are being seen by so many people.  I hope when people see these jackets with "love" painted that maybe it will influence them to be loving to their fellow brother and sister and act with grace.  Of course, I absolutely love my other scarf designs on the jackets, too.  Hopefully, those images bring a smile and some beauty to those that see them.  From the pink peony painting to the dogwood tree painting and then customizing each jacket with my collectors wishes, each jacket is a unique piece of art.

That inspired me to share my works on paper at a sale price so that they can go out into the world and be seen by others and even given as gifts. If you want to have early viewing of the sale items, please send me your email address.  I don't sell or share my contacts and I only send out 2 emails a year, plus this one about the sale.  

Butterfly Kaliedoscope VII
Original watercolor

Love Jacket & Butterfly Kaliedoscope VII
Jacket walking around in Taos

New One & Only
Hope Butterfly Jacket 

If anyone is out there reading this, let me know by commenting here or via my facebook or instagram site.  I am always surprised to find out who reads my blog.  Sometimes it is a friend of a friend or someone from the other side of the world!

P.S. Don't forget to let me know if you want early viewing of sale items.  I will email the special code 2 days in advance of posting on my social media. Send me your email address here.

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