Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Summer Watercolor Update

Texas Visual Arts Show

Happy Summer!!! Hope you are spending your time doing the things you never get to do during the busy school year.  Whether you have kids or not, I think summer just slows down in general.  I can tell when I drive on the roads, there is less traffic, if I go into a store, less people and in Dallas, the heat probably keeps everyone inside!  

I intend to use my time exploring by doing an art journal.  My idea is to start every morning with a 20 minute art journaling exercise.  Using mixed media and a small size, I am going to literally just play with different mediums and see what happens.  I may post some on instagram, but, I really don’t want to have that pressure on me when I am trying to be open and truly explore without judging or criticizing myself.  

The big news - to my very big surprise, my painting, “Another Day in Delhi,” came in 2nd place in the Texas Visual Arts Members Show.  I truly was stunned and it was a great surprise. Can’t wait to spend my prize money on new art supplies!!! 

More big news - I am so looking forward to being at Bandana Aspen during the Aspen Art Festival!!! Make sure to come see me if you are there or send your friends to say hello!

San Miguel Scarf

My latest scarf design was created by the influence of my travel mates!  On a recent trip to San Miguel, my travel mates noticed me sketching.  Three of them suggested I make a scarf from my sketches. The design includes 5 iconic San Miguel images.  All can be seen on my instagram.

Where to Shop Liana Yarckin Watercolors

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The most fulfilling part of my craft as an artist is my connection with you! Whether it is a comment, a purchase or a commission, my interaction with you completes my artistic being. Let’s work together on your one of a kind piece!

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