Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pouring, Prints & Paintings

 15x22 in progress
 5 prints of Baylor Hospital signed and numbered
Overview of work in the last 3 months

Greetings on this very, very cold morning in Dallas!  It has been overcast and bitterly cold, I had to lay my paintings out to see some bright colors.  Actually, someone wanted to see my work, so I invited them over to have a looksee in my make-shift gallery.  

I could not keep up with the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge this past January.  The painting on the top is a pour I started for the challenge.  It is almost finished.  Inspired from a photo I took when on a study abroad program in 1989.  I was there as part of the architecture program at Texas A&M.  To this day, our group keeps in contact via facebook.  

The next photo is a snapshot of 5 prints that Baylor Hospital ordered after seeing the original painting I was commissioned to paint as a gift to an executive at Baylor.  They are considering to order note cards, too.

Great news - I was accepted to participate in the Dallas Arboretum Art Show - Artscape!!!!  The dates are April 26 & 27.  Wow, I hope I sell some paintings.  This will be to a much broader audience, I am curious to see how it goes.  The Dallas Arboretum wants the art to be of a nature theme.  You know I love painting flowers, but, I also like my city paintings!  The city scenes are what I sell the most.  I will also have to pay to be in the show as well as pay for display rental.  The other art shows I have not had to pay anything except commission on pieces that sold.  I am thankful that my husband is encouraging and says go for it, it will be a great experience.  Can you help me by letting me know what kind of paintings you would buy if you were at a nature themed art show?  


  1. Live your poured paintings Liana, good luck with the show, it's really hard to tell what someone will buy, I don't judge this well sometimes. At least nature covers a lot of choice, wildlife, floral, fruit, landscapes and so much more

  2. Congratulations on the Dallas Arboretum Art Show!! How very exciting. Hmm... I agree "Nature" sure does cover so many possibilities. I think if I were attending a show based on "Nature", the main type of painting that would stand out for me would be a beautiful landscape featuring mountains, trees and a meadow of wild flowers! Something very serene. And a painting with birds.

    Also, I saw this today. Didn't know if you already knew about it:


    Have a great week.


    1. Plus... since you are in Texas....a landscape with Horses, is probably a must. :)

    2. Joan, thanks so much. 2 great ideas. I will have to consider your painting ideas. I love to hear what others think because I didn't think of those things actually! I use to be in Artists of Texas for 3 years.

  3. Congratulations! And what an amazing selection of work :0)


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