Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tulips from the Dallas Arboretum

Tulips Ablaze
watercolor by Liana Yarckin

I haven't painted flowers for a while because nobody seems to buy them and "they" say not to enter a floral in a competition.  My floral paintings get rave reviews, but, it seems that everyone ends up buying everything else I paint except for the flowers.  That's okay, because I don't want to part with this one.  When I saw these tulips at the annual Madhatter's Fundraiser at the Dallas Arboretum, I had to take a zillion photos of them.  I took some in the morning when it was about 50 degrees and all of the tulips were completely closed, then at 1:30 after it warmed up, the tulips all opened completely.  I will have to paint another version of them when they were closed.

Below are some of the paintings that sold at my art show.  If you need a gift for Mother's day that is a unique one of a kind - I still have framed paintings at City Cafe waiting to find a home.  I posted a bunch on my Liana Yarckin Watercolors facebook page.  A season of Aspens, Seals in Newport Beach, Cape Cod, Miami Beach, several Paris scenes, a couple of abstracts and 2 Highland Park paintings.


I am working on some home portrait commissions right now and entries for the SWS Annual Membership Show.  Thanks for visiting and staying in touch!


  1. Wow, I love your tulips--the light and patterning are great. And the outdoor scenes have a light, airy quality; I esp. like the the clean, blue in the first one.

  2. Well I love all of your paintings including the flowers! Gorgeous! :)

  3. Wonderful paintings, Liana!

  4. Liana these tulips are lovely. Wonder why nobody buys such work??? But I feel you should keep painting whatever pleases you. Happy painting!

  5. Know what you mean about flower paintings not always a popular choice, but they are so inspiring to paint and this keeps me doing them. I do see that some artists only paint flowers and they get sales wonder what the right formulae is?


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