Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To a Year of Growth and Peace

New Beginnings
11x11 watercolor
by Liana Yarckin

Work in Progress with inspiration photo

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  I love the new year because it is a chance to start again and maybe improve on myself.  Last May or June, my interview by Carrie Waller inspired me to set some watercolor and life goals.  I did achieve some of the watercolor goals, but, I forgot what the life goals were.  Oh well, I am going to continue with the watercolor goals - take my art to a new level.  I am studying and working hard at it focusing on composition, value and color.  

Hence, New Beginnings.  I was out of town and with limited supplies so I was forced to work out of my comfort zone.  I used colored pencils.  Inspired by an image of butterfly wings that is not completely formed in my imagination, I attempted with this subject using a color that represents birth, new life, the beginning, growth - green.  I added analogous colors for harmony.  If you know how I always struggle with being a tight painter, then you will understand me when I say I was happy with these free flowing results here.

The next two pictures are a work in progress.  A little late for Christmas, but, it hit me and I was ready to paint this.  The photo was taken more than 25 years ago in my parents home, the home I grew up in. Every Christmas my mother would take out the same Christmas decorations.  We would always have to wait for her to put the lights on the tree before decorating the tree.  My siblings and I could hardly wait. It seemed to take forever.  Christmas music would always be playing while we decorated the tree.  Then on Christmas Eve, all of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins would come over to enjoy the same yummy annual foods and exchange gifts.  In this photo, I see the gold paper-mache reindeer that my mother found on a shopping trip with her sister and would put out every year, the cookies that my siblings and I decorated and those are flowers that someone sent for my mom's birthday.  I remember all of the ornaments on the tree, who they were given by or when each was made by myself or one of my siblings at school.  In the painting, I decided to put a poinsettia for composition and theme.  Also, for design purposes, I kept the ornaments on the tree simple, adding only red bells that were my mom's favorite ornament.  I am pleased with the tree and I hope I can finish the painting with the energy I started it with.

What are your new beginnings for this new year?  


  1. You are starting out great in the New Year. I like the loose approach. Thanks for sharing good memories. It’s funny how the life goals are so much harder to maintain. I do the same thing. I know exactly where I want to go this year with my art. Life becomes more of an abstract idea to deal with when there is time.

  2. did you post your art goals for this year on your blog? share with us, you never know who you may inspire!

  3. Happy New-Year Liana!
    What a lovely start. I also set myself some goals. The first to complete the 75 day sketch challenge which I began on New-Years day. The rest of my goals aren't going to be so easy, but they are do-able! :0)

    1. Sandra, I can't wait to see your daily sketches. Going over right now!


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