Friday, May 18, 2012

Paris Cafe

This is number 9 in the cafe series.  By doing these cafe scenes I have been able to focus on letting the colors mingle to imply the crowds and the details versus painting every tiny detail.  I have noticed that I really like painting in several washes, layer over layer.

Should I title this "Morning Coffee" or "Table for One"?  Table for One sounds lonely, but, I don't think he is lonely at all.  In fact, I would love to be him, sitting there sipping my coffee and watching everyone go off to work.  He is just enjoying his coffee and not in a rush.  Ironically, the rush is coming to an end with the school year ending and I am finding it hard to down shift out of the fast pace.  I was able to paint most of the day yesterday which is good, but, just weird adjusting to quiet and not rushing around.

Have a great week.   Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!


  1. I think 'Table for one' is really apt. Love the colors and the atmosphere.

  2. Liana, the composition of your painting is very nice and the scene, mood you've created and colors are well done. For me, I find the stripe of white (which I think is to indicate a tie-down of the awning) is distracting to your beautiful painting and I don't think is necessary to tell the story.

    Lovely painting.
    Best wishes, Linda

  3. I like so much the colours you've chosen and I agree with AK, Table for one is perfect! Wish you a nice weekend

  4. I agree, table for one sounds lonely but I like Morning Coffee. I'd like to be where he is. A lovely painting!

  5. I think "Table for One" it is. Thanks, gang. Linda, thanks for you your comment. I am still working on cutting out "details".


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