Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am procrastinating.  I need to get a painting done to submit for SWS, but, I am doing everything else, but, painting! 

So I will tell you about Surtex, the art licensing trade show.  It was fantastic!  I made a lot of great contacts with both artists and manufacturers for potential licensing opportunities.  I learned a lot.  It was interesting that everyone liked different paintings for products that I never even thought of.  There were some paintings that received interest from multiple parties.  Florals and coastal were the favorite themes!

One of the things I learned was that everyone had an entirely different opinion.  One person might say your work is too loose while the next said they liked how tight is was.  Would you believe that one agent told me that my paintings were too dark.  I want to run to that watercolor teacher from long ago and tell her, someone thinks my colors are too dark because she always told me my colors were way too bright. 

With that said, I posted these 4 paintings of sunflowers done over the course of 10 years.  My Surtex experience has led me to believe, paint whatever you want and however you want, someone out there will like it.  Of course, it doesn't matter whether anyone else likes it or not, so long as an artist, we are fulfilled from the experience. 


  1. Beautiful sunflowers. Loved it!
    Ana from Brazil

  2. The paintings are wonderful, and I really enjoyed the perspective provided by your words.

  3. Liana I experienced exactly the same thing during my last exhibition...if you have 10 people you will get 10 different opinions, so you must just as well trust yourself and have fun with it !!
    But I love these paintings , so warm and summery.

  4. What an uplifting display! I love those vibrant yellows :0)

  5. Well said.. I cant agree with you more.. All you gotta do is paint and enjoy what you are doing. There will be some who will like it for sure. And I enjoyed these sunflowers. Beautiful cheerful colors. But I did like the landscape a little more than others I guess. The simple uncomplicated strokes and approach works for me in that.

  6. I love these paintings. The landscape with sunflowers is my favorite!

  7. glorious paintings, of course, you never disappoint. The sunflower scene is a favorite of mine and the last painting of sunflowers is exciting for simplicity. i really love them all... inspiration!

  8. I love the softness of these sunflowers! I can almost feel the sun on my skin!

  9. Thank you so much Liana for your comment on "Safari"!
    Your works are delightful.


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