Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty in Pink

It has finally gotten hot in Dallas.  No complaining, we had an unusually mild spring with cool temperatures, but, now it is is hot, hot, hot.  One of the flowers that does well in this heat is the Echinacea plant otherwise known as Cone Flower.  In our backyard we have a perennial garden that has some Cone Flowers.  However, there are some that plant an entire bed of cone flowers.  One home had the Cone Flowers line the walk.  It was so pretty.  They love the hot sun and do not require any work really. 

I have wanted to paint the cone flowers for several summers now.  Here is my first attempt.  I am happy with the sky and the flowers.  I think the foliage got a little muddy when I was trying to add the shadows and the darks.  I will admit, one thing that lacks from this painting is the darks.  I had good dark shadows in there, but, then it looked too spotty and lots of hard edges so I went back and softened and combined the shadows.

Happy painting!  As always, thanks for your comments.  They are encouraging and enlightening.


  1. Beautiful painting, wonderful greens and blues. Give the piece a nice depth.

  2. Hi Liana, I think you are being a bit hard on yourself... it's such a beautiful painting and the light/dark is perfect. No mud here!

  3. Painting flowers is a difficult task. This is good work.

  4. What stunning colours! I love this time of year; the light evenings, the colourful flowers. So inspiring :0)


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