Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miami here I come, not

I just found out that our trip to Miami has been cancelled. I know, I know, WAH. If that is my biggest problem, I am pretty lucky. I was so excited to go because Miami is beach, city, walk around, people watching, great metro vibe. AND we were going to go sans kids. Because my mindset was so ready for Miami, I thought I would post this painting inspired by a photo I saw in Palm Beach so I could experience the trip vicariously through this painting.

Look at this lady's giant hat and her over the top pants. She is free and sassy. Just walking down those steps without holding the rail, but, instead gracefully holding her giant sun hat. I think she is walking down steps at a beach club. One day....


  1. Like the painting a lot, the simplicity and the colors work well. Sorry about the trip.

  2. The painting is so full of light, it just says Miami. Hope you have your trip soon, Liana!

  3. I love this one. It is indeed sassy. Trust me, you don't want to go to Miami in the summer!


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