Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She Sells Seashells and other things

Pink Obsession
I was thoroughly enjoying painting my Cape Cod paintings, but, I noticed I hadn't used any reds lately. I went through my flower photos looking for some bright pink roses. I had OD'd on all of the shades of blue. I was dying to paint vivid pinks, very intense to light. Next on the list are some poppies!
11x14 original watercolor, $350

18x22original watercolor, framed, $650

Old Church in P-town
17x22 original watercolor, $300


  1. Beautiful! My favs are the church and the roses!Lovely delicate touch, you have Liana!

  2. Wow, such amazing paintings. You really work the colors well to make them life-like. Love them!

  3. I really like the roses, such fine and transparent co.lors


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