Saturday, August 29, 2009

Contrast and Compare

I just completed the painting on top for a client. It is the home they just moved out of, but since it was their first home together and where their children lived since they were born, they wanted a memento. It holds so many fond memories for them. Their new home is historically architecturally important and one of my favorite houses in Highland Park. Notice the difference between the two paintings above.

The second painting is for a fellow artist. I took a different approach for this painting. I painted this house without drawing it on the paper. Because of both the house style and the artist's style of painting, I wanted this painting to have more of an artistic style perhaps even painterly style. I did do a black and white study with gray scale markers first, then I went straight to the paper with my brush. Normally, I do an accurate pencil drawing on the paper.

It is interesting how different subjects and clients require different approaches. This is what makes each painting experience and painting different as well as special. I am about to start another commission of a house that is very wide. It is a beautiful home with a lot of architectural detail. Since it is so long, the detail will get lost. I am going to propose a pen and ink vingette of the front door area not only to highlight the architectural detail, but also to bring some intimacy and charm into the painting. Luckily, I already have a sample of something similar that I sketched years ago when living in Boston. I will show this to the client to help convey my idea. We will see what she thinks.

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