Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inspiration photos

Apologies for not writing in so long. I have been painting, painting, painting. However, I have been travelling a lot without my computer. I did want to post these photos to share with you. The sunset is from the bay side of Cape Cod. We have enjoyed many breathtaking sunsets. The second photo is of hydrangeas which cover the Cape right now. Although I take many photos of driveways, houses, walkways lined with hydrangea bushes at least 5 feet tall, sometimes taller, the photos do not do justice. The photo above, I put my hand in to try to show the scale of these blooms.
The bottom photo is from Red River, NM. Aren't the clouds amazing! In NM, I took zillions of photos of flowers. In fact, I went on a hike with my dear hostess, she made me laugh because after I interrupted our hike several times to take photos, even close up photos of twigs and bark, she asked if I was going to paint all of these photos. Like many artists, I have many photos that I keep on my computer. They are filed by nature, city, animals, people, flowers, beach, etc. Then when I am in my studio, looking for info on clouds, sunsets or just inspiration, I go back to my photos.
Sometimes a photo is good to use as the composition for a painting, sometimes just a part of the photo makes a painting and sometimes, it is just for reference on how the branch attaches to the tree or how the sun falls on the curve of a petal. Over the years, I have noticed how I have the perfect photo, but, it would be better as an oil vs. a watercolor.
In any event, when summer ends, I will have my photos to turn to for inspiration. Even now, I am so excited with the list of images I can't wait to start.
In the mean time, I will post some plein air paintings. These are fun because they are quick pictorial notes. They are loose and simple and done outside on site which is the best part. It is so relaxing and satisfying to be outside, hear the waves or the stream, feel the sun, just experience the whole scene. Sometimes these wonderful little paintings can capture the essence wonderfully that even in a studio painting, it is just not the same.

Thanks for stopping by. Please check back. As the fall resumes, I will post much more regularly.


  1. What beautiful photographs. Boy, you really have been getting around. Oh, and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  2. Cathyann,
    I can't believe this. My time in Cape Cod is coming to a close and I have not done one plein air painting!!! I have painted indoors, sometimes on the balcony, but, from photos. So no true plein air paintings. I have today and tomorrow left, so I will be mindful of trying to get one in!


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