Friday, July 31, 2009

High Humidity

Today is my first day to paint at the Cape on this trip. I always forget how humid it is here until I start to paint. We always have a nice breeze/wind and the temperature is so much cooler than in Dallas, it doesn't feel like that horrible oppressive humidity. But, now working on the painting above, I notice how wet my paper is staying. Even when trying to dry it with a blow dryer, there is still an overall dampness in the paper. My colors are bleeding into one another and it is hard to keep sharp edges where I want them. Since my paper is too wet, I moved onto the computer for now.
Above is a photo of where I am painting today. It is too windy to paint outside today. The painting is from a photo I took last evening. We were all sitting on a very calm, completely perfect beach at the end of the day waiting for the sunset. It was high tide, no wind, the flag hung down from the flagpole and there was not a ripple in the water. The boat that is in many of my paintings was coming in from a day out. The glow of an evening sun lit up the sail so beautifully. I took several photos as everyone watched the boat maneuver in to tie to it's mooring. Sailing is a lot of work, but, for the observer, relaxing.
We will see how this painting turns out. Believe it or not, it is still damp! I will start a couple of underpaintings and drawings while I wait for this painting.
I hope you enjoy!

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