Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wandering in Meadows and Woodlands by artist, Liana Yarckin

 Gold Trees in Winter
40"w x 30"h acrylic on canvas

Here we are in a world foreign to us.  I think everyone has heard enough about coronavirus. I do hope everyone has what they need and are staying safe so together, we can get ahead of this and try to get back to as normal as we can.  

I hope these pictures of my paintings from my latest series, "Wandering in Meadows and Woodlands," bring you a bit of peace and serenity.  The series started as a study on meadows.  I like that word.  Say it. Meadow.  Doesn't it feel good to say?! I had written in one of my posts in the last 2 years about wishing I had nothing to do but wander in a meadow.  And look for the ideal spot to picnic was the thought that continued in my head.  The idea of wandering in a meadow kept recurring in my head as I was busy doing life.  In the fall I finally painted a meadow. And then another and another.  

Gem in the Garden
11x14 watercolor

As I was working on my meadows with intention, paintings of trees were happening.  I did not realize this until I was putting together my paintings for Cerulean Gallery's grand re-opening.  I had just as many paintings of trees as I did meadows. The painting above was a total accident.  It was our first beautiful sunny day since winter here in Dallas.  I dropped whatever I was doing and grabbed my plein air palette and paper and went to the nearest sunny spot in my neighborhood.  This gazebo had caught my eye many times in the winter on the overcast days as it stood out so brightly against the dark "woodland" surrounding it on the grey days.

15"x15" watercolor and gold leaf

 This was the first of the trees painted in the fall.  I love this tree.  It is just so solid, brave, healthy, confident.  The idea just came to me in my studio effortlessly and just as effortlessly as it came, it sold the day I posted it on my Instagram. 

Morning Sun Shine on Me
11x14 watercolor

Caroline, the owner of Cerulean Gallery loves this one.  It was probably about 7:40 a.m. on a country road that I saw this treeline.  I was driving my son to a tennis tourney in the middle of nowhere.  I had passed this treeline, rubber necked it and had to make a u-turn to go take a photo.  I just loved how the sunshine was coming so strongly through the trees. My photos did not do it justice.  I hope my painting gives you the feeling that I had when I saw it.

 5 of the artists with gallery owner, Caroline

Caroline curated a show of diverse art styles and mediums of 6 female artists.  I am so thankful that I was one of the 6 for Cerulean Gallery's welcome back!  I actually own a piece of art by one of my fellow artists in the photo, Robin Hazard.  I purchased it 14 years ago and I am still as happy with it today as the day I first saw it.

Aqua Woodlands
11x14 watercolor

Dreamland Meadow
16x20 watercolor and gold leaf

Two sneak peaks of the pieces in the collection at Cerulean Gallery.  The show hangs until April 18 at this time.  If we get to go out by then, I would love to hear what you think of my new series.  Bolder colors, gold leaf, pieces created directly from my imagination.  One attendee said, 

"I have never seen anything like this.  What was your thought process to create this."  

See the painting he bought at the gallery and the other paintings that sold and are still available. Maybe there is one for you! Please note, it's hard to appreciate the beauty of the gold leaf in these photographs.  

See party pics from the show on my instagram or facebook.

Oh!  and help me think of who I can donate proceeds of sales to.  I have been so fortunate, I want to help those that have lost their job due to businesses having to let go of employees because of coronavirus. If you know of a charity that is helping in this way, please let me know.  Thank you and stay safe!

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