Friday, October 18, 2019

Art in the Home

I am LOVING these gold watercolor and gold leaf paintings.  I hung one in my dining room, wow!  Totally refreshed and added sophistication to the room.  Maybe I will paint a large icelandic poppies in gold for moi!!!!  Paintings are available direct from me or check out what I have at The Write Invite at 4425 Lovers Lane.  Saturday is the last day to shop.  Go buy something so I don't have to pack it up!!!!! Lol!  I have small ones at the show, too.  Those can make a great gift, too!

Admiral Butterfly
Mixed media on canvas

You have to see this piece in person to appreciate the detail.  I had to lighten the photo and lost the detail in the background and the butterfly wings.  Using papers I made, acrylic and gold leaf, this butterfly came to life.  I am pleased with the texture and details of this painting.  I had been imagining this for some time.  Creating it was a freeing experience as I had freedom to move my body with large brush strokes, working both on an easel and the floor.  It turns out working on the floor is more natural to me.  Then playing with the papers I made and moving them around on the painting to determine what felt right.  Again, the background is much more detailed than how it looks in the photo.  You can see this at 4425 Lovers Lane - The Write Invite Pop up.

Liana Yarckin's San Miguel Scarf

A friend sent this photo to me.  She happened to be at a meeting and someone was wearing my San Miguel Scarf.  My friend was so excited to see my scarf she made the fashionista pose for a photo.

Don't forget to come see me at the Annual Nexus Holiday Bazaar.  I will have new scarves!!!!  November 16.  Did you know that scarves are the thing this season??  Get one for yourself and for the women in your life!!!!  

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